The system looses it's language?

Hello everybody. I hope you can help me or just put me on the right path.:slight_smile:

I’ve got a problem with my fresh Leap 15.2 (using KDE Plasma). During installation I set the system language to Russian, but after some time it finished (a couple of hours I think) some strange bug appeared: it seems like system just looses the set language if I quit the current session or (sometimes) just lock the screen. At first I thought that it was some keyboard layout problem (since it suddenly refused to toggle when pressing hot keys), but then I tried to play with language settings I noticed that it looks like Russian language just disappeared from system.
It can be fixed if I go to language options in Yast2, choose another main language (English, for example) + check the box about the keyboard adoptation and then, when everything’s done, change it all back (choose the Russian language and adopt the keyboard to Russian). But doing this everytime is really annoying. Perhaps it can be fixed somehow globally?

Please check the following:

  1. In ‘/etc/sysconfig/language’ check the value of RC_LANG.
  2. In YaST “System” → “Language” check that your local language has been set as the System Language.

Further information is available here: <>

[HR][/HR]I’ve noticed that, Leap 15.2 doesn’t seem to be setting “RC_LANG” by default …

The last time glibc was updated something changed in the handling of RC-LANG. Before on my machine it should set to nl_NL.UTF-8, just as the other locale variables. After the update, suddenly the right-click menu appeared in English. Going back to the previous glibc version fixed the problem.

Looking further into this I found out that in glibc from this version the RC-LANG (and only LANG!) should be set to nl_NL.utf8 (utf8 in lowercase, no hyphen) to function.

Go into Yast -> sysconfig -> System -> Environment -> Language -> RC-LANG and change the value.

Write it down somewhere, because I expect it will be corrected sometime in the future.

+1, helped a lot, as i making a new box for this version to test all clients website if all goes well this will be used as production, has troubled with the previous version but this version is much easier i think(not sure what went wrong in my previous attempt lol).

Because these settings are in /etc/locale.conf now.

You can also use the command “localectl” to show or modify the system language settings.

/etc/sysconfig/language is legacy/outdated and the settings it contains should be moved to /etc/locale.conf automatically on upgrades.

Note that /etc/sysconfig/language is still evaluated by the login scripts though, and apparently has preference over /etc/locale.conf (i.e. /etc/sysconfig/language overrides /etc/locale.conf).

The result: if you manually set some variables in /etc/sysconfig/language, YaST->System->Language and localectl won’t work properly anymore.

I think it should be corrected in

  1. This variable was empty. Now it’s set to ru_RU.UTF-8, but nothing changes.
  2. Actually I have to check this every time I log in - since it’s the only way to return the Russian keyboard layout at the moment.

Doesn’t work for me.

Going back to the previous glibc version fixed the problem
I’ll try this then.

Didn’t work also (at least with version 2.26-lp152.25.10).

Any other ideas?

RC_LANG or the system language has nothing to do with which keyboard layout is used.
That can be configured separately, systemwide in YaST->Hardware->System Keyboard Layout or the localectl command line tool, or in KDE/Plasma’s systemsettings5->Input Devices->Keyboard for the user (that overrides the system-wide setting on login).

Do you maybe have ibus installed? That may interfere with the usual keyboard settings.
I would recommend to uninstall it (the package “ibus”, not “libibus”) if you are using Plasma (which has ibus support built-in anyway).