The perfect prank...

hi all,
if anyone loves pranks has a windows pc (boo) and a networked LazerJet this is perfect pranks changing the message on the screen to something like Radiation Leak or No print for you! if rather fun it needs c# here is the link Fun With C# and HP Laserjets
if anyone can get it working on a non networked psc500 please post cos i wanna do it to my dad!>:)

That’s too funny.

The funniest prank I pulled on someone before was sending them the file on here called Add/Remove. And yes they had windows at the time, they’ve since moved onto a Mac.


They nearly had a heart attack as they saw everything on the computer being erased/uninstalled. Oh did I hear an earful the next day.

Well you could always do the old “change the screen saver to the BSOD screenshot” prank.

That could work very well too.

One year, for Halloween, I snuck onto a co-worker’s computer and turned on her PCAnywhere.

Then, at intermittent times of the day, I would connect (I may have just been connected all day, I don’t remember) and start moving the mouse around.

Of course she called me into her cube (I was the unofficial department IT guy) and it would not be doing anything.

Damned hardest to keep a straight face, but did manage to make it through most of the day!

The add/remove works if you have wine installed :slight_smile:


Nice, I didn’t think of trying it to see if it did. :slight_smile:

At one of my old helpdesk/call-center jobs I had. We could backdoor other users computers in our office via the dos prompt. So sometimes I’d run the shutdown “pc name here” and then a moment later I’d hear someone panicking as they’re pc shutdown. With an 10 second countdown that couldn’t be canceled.

And of course right in the perfect time of an important phone call too! >:)

on my windows i did a prank of making it at random times start notepad and type random text my dad got realy freaked (man opensuse didnt email me about the replies…)

and my dad used to do echo fatal system error blah blah blah to his work mates it was funny

If I really want to terrorize a friend of mine. Since he’s always scared of getting a virus… And he wants to download music. So I tell him to download bittorrent… But since he doesn’t have updated AV on his Vista machine he freaks and is like “i don’t want to get a virus”.

tell him linux is the way then!!