The pains of MythTV, ready to give up.

I have tried many times to get a MythTV setup working in the couple of years. An every time I fail miserably. I have tried it again an would like some guidance on getting this setup correctly.
Prior to starting the install of MythTV, I have a working system which can watch all my movies (mpg, avi, wmv, m4v) an play my music which are all mp3’s. So I am confident that the correct codecs are installed.

The end result is to make use of my HDHomeRun unit. But I can not even get mythtv to show my movies, music, or pictures. So I would like to start with that. At this time, the only way I got it to work was with the KnopMythTV install, I just dont have a spare machine to donate for that, an my main files are all on my machine.

I have followed this post on setting it up…

OpenSuSE 11.3 - MythTV

With one major exception. I use yast sw_single to install mythtv packages.

One of the things I noticed was that after install, I had to execute the command “touch /etc/sysconfig/mythbackend” to create the mythbackend file in sysconfig. That got the backend starting, I am assuming its configured via another process after the file exists. Though I haven’t confirmed this.

I would really like some assistance taking me from the point that I have installed all the packages to setting up a basic myth system that can be used to view my music an videos. I don’t care about recording or TV at this moment, I am just getting tired of reading an trying things for the last 2 yrs with NOTHING to show for it. I am to the point of giving up on Myth completely as I installed PLEX on my work Mac an it worked flawlessly. Saddly, I take that to work an is not convenient for the rest of the family. An I would really like to see the myth setup work before I give up completely on it to see if its worth it.

With most of the applications on OpenSuSE, you install them an they work, may not work the way you want it without configuring, but at least provide basic functionality. This doesn’t even do that.

I wish opensuse would create a YaST module to get MythTV working with basic functions. (personal note to opensuse of my wish list)


John, the only solace I can give is that I went through the same thing two years ago and while not as recent as your attempt, I also became very frustrated. Let me say that several things must come together.

  1. You must have a good Linux supported TV card.
  2. You have to be good at configuring MythTV and its many component parts.
  3. You need to have the patience of Job, as the story in the Bible.
  4. You need to be lucky to have a combination in your possession that can work with MythTV and that includes your OS and PC.

Anything that falters from above, and its just not going to work. Finally I must admit I just loaded Windows on one PC along with BeyondTV and its my one Household computer that runs Windows as it first OS. It does work well as a PVR and its connected to both an Outside Antenna for Digital and cable for analog TV. It is my solution for which I am not proud as a Linux user, but working is working and that is all there is to it.

I wish you much luck in your adventure.

Thank You,

Never have truer words been said. That said, your comments prompt me to describe my system abit.
Asus Mother Board P4 2.4G running 32 bit
1.5G of DDR RAM
2 nVidia 6200 (fanless) vidio cards 1xAGP & 1xPCI (set up for multi seat)
2 Seagate Barracuda 10K hard drives. Media Drive set as master on IDE channel 2 alone with the DVD Burner.

Currently running OpenSuSE 12.1 dual booted along side 11.4 Nothing shared but the media drive between the 2 OS’s.

All in all, I am running a strong enough system that has shown its reliability with tried an true hardware.

I am in the same boat, my windows box I had to return (work machine) worked great. But if I have to buy an OS, I would much rather purchase OSX an load it on a dual core 64bit 1.8Ghz atom system.

Again, I would just like the ability to share out my existing movies for starters to see if its something I would like to dig deeper into. Does anyone sell a desktop appliance myth system? I was unable to find one.

I will try this one more time to keep me busy thru the holiday season, gives an excuse to explain to the wife why I need new hardware. Maybe santa will help out with that…LOL :smiley: An then just buy a cheep second system an load KnoppMythTV on it an continue forward.

Thanks for your time to look an respond.

Hi John

I’ve just migrated my mythTV backend from Gentoo Linux to openSUSE 12.1 without issue, if you can describe more exactly what point your at I may be able to help. I’m mainly using mythTV on my server to do all my TV recording and using XBMC on another PC as the frontend in the lounge and an older Apple TV in the living room to watch movies, play recorded TV shows etc.


Thanks for your interest, as of today I came home to my computer off an upon further inspection found the Power Supply to be dead. Which is sad as its a Entermax 750. I can explain what was happening, but have no way of testing. Long story short, it looked as if the backend was running an a front end on the same machine would connect, but couldnt see any content. None of my movies, music, or pixs. Not even the weather plugin would work.

I was a bit disappointed that unlike many other apps, opensuse wouldnt create the myth user need for the db.

Again, at this time I am at a stand still till I can replace the power supply. I am half tempted to purchase one of the N550 dual core atom systems an see how it would do to push my existing content.

I will keep you posted on my end result an when I have a system online.


I have been using mythtv for years and it works perfectly in opensuse.

The setup can be a bit daunting for a new user, but really isn’t that difficult.

To be able to see your music, video files, tv, pictures you need to tell mythtv where they are. You have to enter the complete path to those files.

the default is not acceptable on most systems with small root partitions and seperate /home partitions.

So be very sure you point it to the correct directories. You will have to run through all the settings in myth-setup and also in the mythfrontend.