the mouse won't move properly

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The logitech visual mouse conneted without cabel by USB to ASUS WS X390 board won’t move properly on LEAP 15.1. It stops and moves from some distant place, or it dissapears. I found some correlation with the connected network - pulling out the network cabel seems to help . Consequently I found that the problem might somehow be connected with browsers using scripts and I applied noscript add-on to the firefox.

Yet this might have been the wrong direction to search for the reason. I this thread I’d like to investigate more closely, what happens on the USB port itself. Could somebody help me, please ?

I am trying to think back to when I had a mouse freeze.

It used to happen when writing an iso file to a USB. That was on an older computer. That does not happen on this computer. My assumption is that the write to USB was somehow hogging a bus or memory (I only had 2G on that older machine).

But I now recall that I did have a mouse freeze on my current machine. I think it was back when running Leap 42.3, and firefox had just changed to the quantum version. After struggling for a while, I was able to kill firefox, and then things returned to normal. My current guess – firefox can be a resource hog at times, and probably has memory leaks. I am now more constrained in how I use firefox (fewer open tabs, maybe shutdown and restart firefox every so often).

The older pre-quantum firefox was better behaved.

Wireless mice require batteries. Be sure that the battery is full

I have a new (About a month) Logitech that claims 18 month battery life. Not yet tested :slight_smile:

A Radioshack mouse and HP eat batteries.And when low show what you describe

Well, lets try chromium instaed. But I observed this mouse problem even without any browser !
And always pulling out the network cabel has helped !
I don’t see anything important in the wireshark observing the network yet.

Another problem, which made me to speculate if i have a rootkit with a remote console installed is, that my three displays (systemsettings5 -> Hardware -> Displays) cannot be unified. After pressing the unify button and an apply button then if i close and restart the systemsettings three screens HFMI, DVI and DP are not unified once more !

And another observations: 1. the problems with the mouse seem to be less stronger if i am outside a browser window.
2. The pointer (an arrow) looks different in the free desktop plane and in any window.

Batteries are ok.

Interference from other wireless devices, if you move the dongle to a different port, or if you have a usb extension cable to plug in the dongle and move it closer to the mouse, does this improve? I’ve seen this occur if multiple wireless devices run in the vicinity and especially if both logitech devices…

Other wireless devices - oonly my internet router, a few meters away and I actually don’t use it. I use cabels.
I had the same problems with other mouses, with dongle quite near.
It’s also not the problem of baterries.

Could you help me, please with the solution-idea, that USB port is restarted while the mouse is moving, which I described earlier. What is in SuSE Linux the counterpart to changing /sys/module/usbcore/parameters/autosuspend from 2 to -1 and why it doesnt wokr in my computer ?

Hmmm a recent post pointed to problem with USB arising from BIOS setting turning off USB port to conserve battery.

If this only happens in browser try clearing cache

If you’re using Wayland,
I came across this…,_remote_desktop_and_VM_windows

Simple test, log out and back in, selecting xorg instead of Wayland (if it’s an option).
Then, maybe reboot for good measure (It’s always good to try to restart services fresh when troubleshooting regardless if you think it’s necessary or not).


Yes I did. It doesn’t, help.

How I wondered when my system requested DNS for wikipedia, which i read a few days ago. How could it happen, that a browser with cleaned cache prepared itself to call wikipedia ? Obviously google. where I logged automaticely in identified my and it new, what I ussually intent to do !

Trying to save batteries is for laptops. I don’t use a laptop, but a mid-tower. I am just trying to recompile the kernel omitting laptops, virtualisation like virtual console , etc. Still something could be done to check, what happens on USB. I don’t know how.

I had a similar issue as the original poster. I worked out the issue: a previous wireless mouse was causing some sort of driver conflict with my new mouse (jumpy and lagging across the screen) - have you used a previous wireless mouse?

Is the mouse connected to a USB dongle? How is the power setting for the dongle?

cat /sys/bus/usb/devices/**1-1.3**/power/control

Replace 1-1.3 with the possition of the dongle on USB bus. Does it say auto or one?