The message in auto-closed topics is rather harsh and unhelpful


Why was it closed? What was the reason? How could one avoid it in the future?

Compare with … oh, I have posted screenshot from other forums with more helpful message in the topic discussing merits of closing old posts - and this topic apparently disappeared. Now, that is certainly questionable.

I don’t understand, why would anyone expect comments for auto-closed topics?
It’s the default here now.
As for manual closure, I’m sure there might be a post added by mods if necessary prior to closing.

It’s unlisted, not deleted. Not sure why @hendersj did that:

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The closed message is default text for a “manually” closed topic. (As I previously explained, the auto-close configuration process involves two steps: A scripted manual closing of existing topics that would have been automatically closed if we had configured the auto-close timer, and setting topics that were not past the time limit with their own timer to auto-close). I suppose we could look to see if we can change it, but with the change, this should be a fairly rare occurrence.

Very few topics have been auto-closed by the auto-close timer at this point. You will note that in the technical discussion areas, each topic has an additional note that says that it will be closed 30 days after the last reply. When it actually reaches that timer, the message reads:

As for the unlisted topic - there were two separate discussions in there, the complaint about a specific topic that was closed (not by auto-closure) and the discussion about the auto-close configuration change.

The original complaint violated the T&Cs, but by the time we realized it, the other discussion had taken off, and the two were difficult to separate. Since the change was put in place, I took a shortcut (in my sheer exhaustion from having to explain the decision over and over and over again) and hid the entire conversation rather than taking another hour to extract the relevant parts of the discussion.


Probably because it was becoming very convoluted and out of control, and was threatening to get even worse.