The Md5 checksum error

Hi, there,

I have download the Opensuse11.2 DVD i586 five times with different mirrors and BT without one checksum correctly matched.

When I try to install it there pops-up loads of errors like,

Package xxx could not be downloaded (input/output error).

I really feel very bad with this version of Opensuse. If you can’t find stable download mirrors why you put that on your website. It waste me lots of time to download and test it.

I saw lots of people met the same problem but someone can download it correctly. If it is doesn’t work for everyone in the world you can not put it on your org website. Please do the test before you release!!!

I really wan to say it is a rubbish!!! I suggest everyone don’t try to download the new version. Maybe the staff of Opensuse will fix the links in next year. >:(>:(>:(>:

Sorry to hear that :frowning:

Most likely there is a very high load on the servers since its release yesterday, which simply shows upon the high degree of popularity for this operating system. Still I had no problem downloading the DVD image and installing the system. Running it now.

I’m sure you realize by now there is not much point trying to install the system if the downloaded DVD does not have a matching checksum :wink:

Please try again.

We’re not responsible for any links posted on the website so moaning at us WILL NOT fix anything, it will only annoy the volunteers here and will most definitely label you as a moron.

Solution to your problems; download the DVD via one of the available torrents or use a Metalink capable program to download it, it contains error checking and resume capabilities.

Well, I have both the 32bit and 64bit DVDs on my server that I downloaded via bittorent from the official 11.2 release .bittorent file and they both checkout fine.

It sounds like you are having other problems, as nobody else seems to be having that problem, and if even a handful of people had it they would be here complaining loudly as well. You say that there were lots of people, where are they?

How are you downloading? Several things can cause that problem, here are a few ideas -

  1. Downloading from a Windows os - maybe you have a virus that’s playing havoc. Try downloading something else that you can checksum, see if that is ok.
  2. Faulty computer. Again, try downloading something else.
  3. Dodgy Interent connection.
  4. Dodgy network cable/card.
  5. ISP messing with your torrent downloads, ie they are attempting to enforce some sort of anti-piracy thing by messing with all torrent traffic.
  6. Dodgy memory in your computer - even if Windows runs ok, that doesn’t mean that your RAM is problem free. It could be an intermittent problem.
  7. Are you using the correct checksum, use these here -
  8. Aliens!

There are so many things that can go wrong and drive one nuts!

Yes, I am trying again. It is downloading now. Thanks.

I am sure everything of my computer is fine. I have tried to download and install 11.1 again. Everything works fine to me; however, it seems the download of 11.2 has finished before it got the complete iso. I don’t know why, and I try to use another BT client which may fix this. Thanks a lot for your suggestions.

Here is another thread about this problem:

Some people have already give up since I am trying.

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