The Future of leap

I have never clearly understood: Is leap going away? Is it being replaced? Will I need to switch to Tumbleweed?

I have trouble with updating Tumbleweed because it eventually ends up putting me into a dependency conflict loop that I am incapable of resolving.

As far as I know leap 15.5 will be the last leap release.
After that leap will be based on suse linux which might change to a more Adaptable Lnux Platform (ALP).

There is already a Topic discussing this

And with a internet search “opensuse leap future” you will find some posts about it.

AFAICS, this’ll be dealt with in some of the sessions at the upcoming openSUSE Conference «May 26 - 28, 2023»:

You can check the mailing list to follow the current situation.

It seems that the direction is to build a “transition-like” leap upon ALP.