The bootloader is not loading

I have a Lenovo 590 laptop and Windows 10 OS is installed on it. I allocated 50 GB to install openSUSE with KDE Plasma desktop, but after I inserted the flash drive and booted from it (selecting the bios priority to boot from this flash drive), I got an error.
But fortunately, I solved it by changing the UEFI/Legacy Boot Priority item from Legacy First to UEFI First, then started the installation.
During the installation, I had to manually set up the network for this laptop. After installing openSUSE Tw, I got the error 5, but it was written that the installation was completed successfully and I clicked on reboot.
After the reboot, I got into Grub. I typed reboot, pulled out the flash drive almost immediately after that, the bootloader and the system booted up.
Hooray, I thought. But I turned off the laptop, worked, and turned on the laptop again, but this time I have a stupidly black screen. I went into the bios, changed the device boot priority in every possible way, but it was all useless, now I do not know how to boot into tumbleweed. (Windows 10 is my initial system)
This is the order I have now:

And here is the black screen: )

The problem was solved by reinstalling, replacing the boot priority in the bios “UEFI/Legacy” with ”Legacy First". This is strange. This may be due to an error after installation, which specifies the path to “/grub2/grub.cfg”

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