The boot loader is installing on a partition that does not lie entirely below 128


I got new notebook with pre-installed Win 7, I wanted to install Suse 11.3 there, so I have resized the C:/ and added new partitions (60GB and 10GB).

While installation of Suse 11.3 the:

sd3 (ext3) (60GB) - mount to /
sd4 swap (10GB) was created and formated

but I get the following message in Bootloader settings:
“The boot loader is installing on a partition that doe not lie entirely below 128 GB”

If I ignore such message, then I get no boot loader :frowning:

Does anybody know how to change something to solve this problem.

Thank you, Jan

You could install the boot loader to the MBR.

Also welcome to openSUSE.

Hi, thank you for your answer, what you mean exactly with installing the boot loader into MBR (I am not expert). Is there some settings to do it in Boot settings while Suse installation

During the install process there is a point where you are asked (or have the option ) to install the boot loader to the root partition (/) or to the MBR (Master Boot Record). I suspect it is installed to (/) and that choosing the MBR option instead may fix this.

Aha, now I understand, I tried all the possible settings - install to root, to master, then I selected specified partitions but everywhere the same :frowning: :frowning:


I have seen this occur before on this forum, (somewhere), do a search using the error message, it may give you the answer,or more info to post here.

See what you can find out and get back to us, I can’t spend a lot of time on the computer right now.

OK, I got curious

Perhaps, if you are installing 11.3, try 11.2, or look further into the bug than I have the time to at the moment.

Ok, thanks, I will try to install 11.2


Hmm, the same problem with 11.2 :frowning:

For information, I had the exact same warning when I installed 11.3, and I had the bootloader working.

I installed the bootloader in the MBR of the hard disk and ignored the warning. Perhaps your lack of bootloader is caused by another problem?

I can post by detailed partitions info if it helps.


I have created new partitions with GParted, after it, I got the same message but the bootloader was successfully installed, so now it works for me.

Thank you, Jan

I got the same problem as you, I went back to partition set(during installation), i selected create partition, then clicked on use entire hard disk, and continued the installation, and no more error worked perfectly.

Thats because the entire hdd was linux at that point.

I also had this problem pretty much every time I tried to install 11.3 as the second OS. This message always appeared, and there was only a few times the computer wouldn’t boot. Most of the time I checked off both, " install bootloader on mbr" and install bootloader on /" Not a wise decision for anyone, but I would just ignore the “…not on the first 128meg” message, and never really had a problem.

If this is a bad thing to do, please feel free to let me know, as I myself am still learning a lot, but checking both for the most part never gave me a problem and I was able to multiboot successfully.

I did a few installs of 11.3 recently, and I remember seeing this message at least once, but without ill effects.

As these machines are windows-free, the bootloader install was the default one.