Thanks to the forum members

Just wanted to say thanks to all the forum members. This is by far one of the nicest forums I have been to. I have been using openSUSE for a year and a half and have enjoyed it greatly. As you can see I don’t do a lot of posting. Frankly I really haven’t the need to. Usually find the things I need to know about by doing a search. For the few things I have had to post about the replies have been spot on. My hats off to you all and keep up the great job. Maybe I am one of the lucky ones, but openSUSE has been pretty rock solid on my machine. Again thanks to everyone.

I am sure everyone is pleased to read your positive comments about our forum. Like you when I first used openSUSE, I found searching regularly provided a solution or explanation. Although the distro has delivered outstanding reliability and availability, I have to believe that advice from more experienced members contributed to that from time to time, through the avoidance of pitfalls.