Thanks for openSUSE 11.3 ? Put it here !!

This thread is not meant to discuss/debate the new openSUSE, pleae just leave a short ‘thank you’ message to everyone who made the new openSUSE possible.

A big cheer to all who made openSUSE 11.3 possible !!!

I second that. Thanks !!! Its great Distros like Suse and others that keep MS scrambling…Great Job !! Keep up the great work !!


11.3 Rocks - SuSE Rocks - M$ Sux thx guys - im looking forward to testing factory versions of 12.0 now :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here. I’d like to see rpm5.

Thanks to all who made it possible.

Thanks to everyone involved, 11.3 is looking good so far!

Great job! Thanks to all community.

As someone who’s been testing 11.3 since M5 I’ll say this(brace for impact)

And thanks from me. At first I wanted to wait a bit, but having tried the livecd I won’t wait any longer.

Fantastic release! Thanks to everyone that made this possible lol!

a thanks from here too :slight_smile: although i have lost use of the ‘SUPER’ key to open the ‘computer’ menu… thats easily fixed though

To all who contributed, thank you! Since I love KDE, I like that you guys showcase KDE at its finest. Keep up the great work and I look forward to buying the boxed version and 11.4.

Great job!!!

Thanks to everyone that made the great distro!!!

I totally agree - thanks to everyone involved in developing this version. SUSE - download, install, use. Excellent.

Great, best Linux implementation I’ve seen so far (KDE Version).
Thanks to everyone on the OpenSUSE team and the community who made this possible !!

Thanks, and keep up the stellar work!

It. Here. Thanks.

I like to do the same and thanks every one who made it possible. You did a good job.