text only browser

The pop-ups and pop behinds more than ever on firefox. Is there a simple text only browser on linux? Have kde 4.3.1 on my pc.

oilpaint wrote:
> Is there a simple text only browser on linux?

sure, been there forever, from a terminal command line type


URL can be as simple as (say) cnn.com or iht.com

you can even do this and probably find many more, i don’t know:
lynx google.com/search?q=linux+text+only+web+browser

happy hunting…


Another one is w3m

i like:-


ken yap wrote:
> Another one is w3m

ooh! thanks Ken, it is not number one on my text brower list!!


palladium wrote:

> link

sorry, that is a typo, should be links


And once you like the lynx style of viewing web content you may also consider ‘alpine’ for viewing mail and ‘pinfo’ for viewing info pages.

Sounds to me like you’re addressing the problem entirely wrong, try using Adlock Plus and NoScript for firefox and pop-ups will be history.