Testing KDE 4.10 Beta

Just thought I would report that I was testing the next phase of kde
It’s actually reporting as: 4.9.90
openSUSE 12.2 with KDF

Still a little buggy but some great config improvements and power management on my laptop/eeepc is wonderful, battery seems to last forever now (hyperbole injected )

Also just been testing out the Tomahawk Music player…looks nice

I’m running 12.2 on an acere Aspire 5733z-4851 laptop. I used the Synaptiks utility to add a 1.5 second delay to compensate for the touch pads over sensitiveness. I added the Packman, KDE AND QT5 factory repos for 12.2. Then ran sudo zypper dup. Uninstalled apper and packagekit. I have set the grub boot delay to 1 second, Then updated it a couple of times. It is also reporting 4.9.90 and is running smoothly.and also set the session manager to not confirm logout. All in all the system is running smoothly and seems to load and shut down quicker. I haven’t ran into any bugs at this point.

Well it is raining so I can’t go outside and play. I am settling for the next best thing. Removed all my prior repos and going to all factory. I will let it do it’s thing and see if I get to reload my system or continue on.

I’ve got 12.3 M1 and KDE 4.10 beta. They’re both playing nicely together so far.

I’ve recently started using OpenSUSE 12.2 and have updated KDE to 4.9.4 by adding kde49 repo. How do I go about upgrading to 12.3 and KDE 4.10? Thanks.

You shouldn’t consider this unless you are prepared for disaster!


one problem:

since i upgrade kde from 4.9 to 4.10sc b2 there is something wrong

when i click on one url in pidgin or thunderbird or kopete or konsole firefox open with this:

in place of
in the url place

have you seen this ???


I have not, because I never click a link in apps like that, I would always copy it and use it by pasting to the address bar

ho :smiley:

what a good workaround !!!

realy thanks !!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


ok i find it


all is ok when renaming ~/.local/share/mime in ~/.local/share/mime.old


Sounds ominous. Now that we have KDE 4.10 RC1, how about now? I don’t care much about upgrading other applications but I would like to use the newest features of KDE.

(apologies if this thread is too old to be revived).

Note the original question

Sorry I don’t understand. I origially wanted to upgrade to 12.3 but I realized that I’m happy with the apps etc. As KDE 4.10 is currently RC1, I would expect it to be generally ok with same bugs which I’m happy to live with. My doubt is how to move from kde49 repo to repo for 4.10.

Typically, for a new user to a distro, I’d suggest they at least run with the basics for a few months.

To give guidance on a distro upgrade from 12.2 > 12.3 (12.3 is in development and not stable at all). Would be foolhardy.
Can I just point that out to you.
Not to mention the kde upgrade, but you’d get that in a 12.2 > 12.3 move, but it’s not what this original post was about.

Sure you can embark on whatever adventure you like and I’m happy for you to do so. It can be great fun. Just don’t do it on a machine that is vital to your well-being.

Consider this: There is a line of people longer than the last train to San Fernando that crashed and burned with what you are suggesting.
And but a squit full of happy campers.

Any way, if you want to try 12.3, why upgrade. Rather use the 12.3 Milestone release DVD and become part of the testing community.

Have fun with openSUSE.

I should have added that I have this running on a spare partition. My everyday system is 12.2 with KDE 4.9.

Actually I’ve been using Unix/Linux for 10 years now :slight_smile: Mandrake->Redhat->OpenSUSE->FreeBSD->Ubuntu->OpenSUSE - its been a fun ride.

I really appreciate your warning - I was just being impatient. This is indeed my main machine and it wouldn’t be wise to mess around - especially since 12.2+kde49 has been so good.

Happy holidays.

Actually I’ve been using Unix/Linux for 10 years
I didn’t assume otherwise
It’s often a learning curve though when you experiment with a new distro

Consider this: There is a line of people longer than the last train to San Fernando that crashed and burned with what you are suggesting.
And but a squit full of happy campers.

Carl, Sorry to go off topic but What !?! I got it as far as the suggesting part but what about those poor happy campers?! Did they crash & burn too?

‘A squit full’ could read ‘But a few’

In other words… not many.

The suggestion was: 'dup 12.2 > 12.3 and go KDF to kde4.10 beta

I made the point that it wasn’t something I would recommend to the uninitiated or inexperienced.

Oh OK now I get it.