Temporarily freezes

my system (Dell inspiron XPS 13 9310, 8 x Intel core i7 11th generation, 32 GB memory, Mesa Intel Xe graphics card and opensuse Leap 15.5) often freezes temporarily (it does not respond at all for 10-60 seconds, or individual programs do not respond). This phenomenon occurs mainly in the first minutes after booting. The system load is minimal and the memory usage is only about 50%. Any tips on where I can look for the cause?

Maybe a slow disk?

Currently, I have an SSD, so everything is faster than on my previous desktop computer.

I do remember an older computer (retired several years ago) where I had a similar problem. The hard drive was very sluggish in spinning up. But once it was up and running properly, speed was normal (for that older slower machine). I replaced the hard drive, and the problem went away.

I should note in this case, that the slowness and apparent freezes only happened on a cold boot. Rebooting proceeded normally.

Check dmesg and journal to see if something is spamming. Journal files constantly changing can sometimes hog resources. Shortly after boot, it could be log rotation doing the hogging. Check also your storage with smartctl to make sure you don’t have a storage hardware issue.

Does this happen only after a resume, or also from cold boot?

Which DE are you running?

Within the first few minutes of usage, 50% of 32G seems like an awful lot. It takes quite some time for mine to consume 50% of 32G, and that’s with 4 web browsers reopened with a few hundred tabs among them.