Teamviewer-suse latest version seems to have big memory leak - eats a GB in 6 days.

I have a OpenSUSE 15.1 Virtualbox machine that aborted after about 6 days.
It restarted fine. It is the only VM that has teamviewer-suse active at boot.
At the suggestion of the VM specialist - that I monitor free memory with free.
He was correct - that something was eating ram. It is teamviewer.
My temporary cure is a root cron entry to systemctl restart teamviewerd at 7 and 19 hours.
I see the free memory go back to boot normal right after the restart of teamviewerd.

This is an information about teamviewer 15.4.4445 dated Mar 20, 2020 from this repo

VM1:/etc/zypp/repos.d # cat teamviewer.repo
name=TeamViewer - $basearch
VM1:/etc/zypp/repos.d # 

I had to get the most recent teamviewer release to connect to remote users that were ahead of OpenSUSE’s version of teamviewer.

Further investigation shows a core in /var/lib/teamviewer 15/

it appears that Teamviewer 15 is somewhere in the kernel when it dies and takes the VM down.

Identifying memory leaks can require some expertise, not just observation.

Modern Operating Systems utilize all or nearly all available physical RAM over time, the idea is that the application may want to re-use the data or process in memory so won’t purge (aka garbage collection) until the system anticipates a need for free memory.

Some things to take into account…
Are you using Teamviewer during that time, and fairly actively?
When memory fills up, that by itself isn’t necessarily a sign of bad behavior, the issue is whether you experience substantial latency when the system is forced to reclaim memory and at that point you might at least note if any system events show in your system log… You can either leave a console open displaying your system log in real time or inspect your current or past logs (There are several posts in this Forum about doing this, if you need suggestions go ahead and post a request for suggestions again).