I recently installed the Trinity Desktop in 15.2 and although I did want Tdm instead of Sddm It exhibited a behavior that I don’t like which is all to common at least in openSUSE these days and is also very reminiscent of a Windows behavior that I do not like whatsoever either. It switched the system over to Tdm without me telling it to do so. I can understand that setting a default app on install could make sense such as when installing the entire system, but after that I don’t like it and I think that anybody who sets it up to work that way should be drug out and shot. (Just a little joke there) This however is not the reason for my post.

I live alone. Nobody uses my machine but me so I like to use auto login and passwordless logins for my everyday user. That’s why I like Tdm. It gave me these options all the way back to when Trinity was Kde 3, but right now the auto login is not working unless I set it to persistent. Enabling this means the system will log me straight back in if I simply log out to change desktops without giving me the option to do so. If is not made persistent and I start up or reboot the system it will stop at the login screen and I will be forced to manually log in.

Anybody know why and how to fix it so the system will boot straight to the desktop at start up or a reboot but not automatically log back in after I simply log out?

I have auto login and passwordless logins enabled in Yast User/Group settings but the system doesn’t seem to care about that either way.

I don’t run Trinity here but I don’t see that here must be something to do with the TDM?? Where did you get Trinity from I don’t see it in Main repo

I haven’t tried it, but I assume you can set up passwordless logins by disabling the default password policy, likely one place to do so is in
YaST > User and Group Management > Edit selected User > Password Settings

As for configuring autologin correctly, should be done in the /etc/sysconfig settings, most easily accessed through another YaST module… Clear the value so it’s empty and save. If anything is entered, that User would display and require a password.
YaST > /etc/sysconfig editor > Desktop > Display Manager > DISPLAY_MANAGER-AUTOLOGIN

The above should be convenient because the same should apply no mater what DM you choose and means you shouldn’t have to learn how to make the appropriate setting in the DM configuration file.

Note that although this YaST /etc/sysconfig editor module still has settings for selecting a DM and WM, those should not be used.
The Alternatives system using the “update-alternatives” command should be used to select your DM and WM.


"There is no official package available for openSUSE Leap 15.2 "

So it has not been vetted thus may have bugs or other conflicts. It being a KDE 3.5 clone I wonder how much old KDE stuff there is. is TDM more or less the same as KDM???

Always assumed it was in some Repo just not the main ones and and thus not officially tested

One openSUSE user is building trinity-* in his homedir for TW, 15.1 and 15.2. Other TDM users, such as me, get it from the official Trinity Desktop Environment repos. It’s functionality is little changed from KDM 3.5.10, retaining the wealth of functionality missing from all the supposed replacements for KDM v4.

I fetched this package for 15.2 and opened it with MC to find it contains no changelog.

The official TDE package is broken WRT update-alternatives, needing to be manually added with each significant version upgrade thus:

/usr/sbin/update-alternatives --install /usr/lib/X11/displaymanagers/default-displaymanager \
		default-displaymanager /usr/lib/X11/displaymanagers/tdm 15

I’ve never attempted to configure auto login.