tbjrd with contact-sidebar - not installable at all

not installable

		 			[HR][/HR] 			 		 		  		  		hi there 

running opensue 12.3 and firefox 21 with

thunderbird version 17

just wanted to install contacts_sidebar - see this



Contacts Sidebar 0.7.1
von Jeroen Peters

integrates a contacts-Sidebar in the main windiow of Thunderbird

Über dieses Add-on
| Contacts Sidebar supports many locales: en-US, bg-BG, cs-CZ, de-DE, el-GR, es-ES, fr-FR, hu-HU, it-IT, ja-JP, pl-PL, pt-BR, pt-PT, ru-RU, zh-TW.
Many thanks to all. Contacts Sidebar displays all available address books in a sidebar in the 3-pane-window of Thunderbird. It makes all your contacts easy accessible from the main window to quickly write messages, or to edit the properties of a contact card.
As of version 0.6, the Contacts Sidebar also replaces the sidebar in the compose window. The sidebar in Thunderbirds main window and the sidebar in the compose window have the same context menu and share the same features.


is this trure -
not installable

Not available for Thunderbird 17.0.6. Works with Thunderbird 1.5b - 3.0a1

Contacts Sidebar :: Add-ons for Thunderbird

hello dear rafter

many many thanks for the hints - well this is really not encouraging - what can i do now

do you have any idea? is there any way i can use contacts sidebar?
btw: should i downgrade the thunderbird to any older version!?

look forward to hear from you


If you look at the developer’s info page, there’s a link to his website with more recent releases of the sidebar. Why he no longer submits these to the Mozilla add-ons I don’t know. Maybe to direct people to his donations page.

hello derar chief_seatlth

many many thanks

though i got complaints like the foollowing

we re not able to install this with firefox 21

i finally was able to do a installation manually - that means

a. i downloaded the files
b. i started thungerbird
c. i coolse- add an add on
d. i poked to with tthe file-broserser to the downloaded file

finalley i installeed this file.

and it went smoothly