Tablet or not tablet?

A friend of mine offered me to buy his old Tablet. It’s an chinese one, I don’t remember its name atm. But it seemed to work fine. He runs it with its original Google Android OS (guess that’s what it’s called. I’m totally new in this field so i’m still in the learning mode). I’m interested for one simple reason:

I like to access my PC (SuSe 13.1) from a remote machine from bed, sofa whatever.

My friend demonstrated how his Windows PC desktop was shown on his Tablet using Splashtop. That’s what I want, too, but with my SuSe- Linux, of course. I did some research and found a SuSe Splashtop program. But in its discription it tells me to not install it and that it probably wouldn run anyway. Well, I tend to follow this advice.

Then I found out there is a Ubuntu Linux for Tablets. Could this be the solution? It would be elegant, though, to have Linux on both machines. But I would still need the counterpart on my Suse PC. And this would lead me to splashtop again, wouldn’t it?

Does anyone have an advice for me? Are there more possible solutions that I haven’t thought of?

Not sure what splashtop does but sounds like a remote control package. Is this what you want ie to remote into Linux?? If so you could use VNC which can me remoted to via any browser.

oh, this is interesting. could be the solution. have to think about it. thank you.

Old Tablets - especially no name brand, tend not to be like PCs. I would say they can be almost ‘throw away’. Typically one can not just install an OS on the Tablet and expect it to work.

It reads to me like you have started this research, and I recommend continued research wrt any utility you may get from such a Tablet. Its possible Ubuntu may not work on that Tablet. And its possible it might. I recommend you find an appropriate technical area (possibly a forum) that can give you information on Ubuntu on Tablets.

I have an old Asus TF101 transformer tablet, and while I still use it a lot, in truth the only reason is because there is a massive hacker community associated with that specific model Tablet, that continually provides 3rd party updates to Android. For certain Asus does NOT support that old Tablet any more. That Tablet of mine came with Android 3.x when I first received it, and now it has a 3rd party packaged Android-4.4.2 (albeit with an ancient 2.6.39 kernel). The tablet is SLOW compared to today’s devices, but it still functions good for me. Trying to find a Tablet thou, with that level of 3rd party support, is very difficult.

I tried vnc with my Asus Tablet, and while I have used (vnc) on occasion with the Tablet, I found the key mapping left a bit to be desired. Not to mention the effort to maintain one’s firewall, mapping and security, to constantly allow a remote login to one’s openSUSE PC. I recommend some caution there before spending much money. … Although from a pure view point of a learning experience, if one has lots and lots of time to ‘tinker’ then it could be considered.

Thanks for your contributions. Sounds all quite difficult. Maybe I keep on waiting for a better, more suiting opportunity.

Maybe a cheap Notebook that would have nothing to do but running a Linux and beeing a VNC client to my main PC. There would be not much computing power needed for that, wouldn’t it?

On the other side I could indeed just take it and test it out. It’s an inexpensive offer.