System upgrade - rpmconfigcheck - seems to be a "forgotten" tool

Does anyone know, if the SUSE “rpmconfigcheck” script which is included in the openSUSE ‘rpm’ package is called by the current Leap stand-alone upgrade routines?

  • By stand-alone upgrade routines I mean an upgrade being performed by booting the Leap DVD to trigger the upgrade – not “zypper dup” or “zypper dist-upgrade” being executed on the target system to be updated . . .

[HR][/HR]I’ve searched for ReadMe text located in the “/usr/share/doc/” directory tree. – Nothing.

I’ve searched for a reference in the openSUSE documentation and only found an entry in the “Reference” handbook, section 2 “Managing Software with Command Line Tools”, subsection 2.2 “RPM—the Package Manager”, heading 2.2.2 “Managing Packages: Install, Update, and Uninstall” which references the “rpmconfigcheck” output file ‘/var/adm/rpmconfigcheck’.

I’ve checked the openSUSE Bugzilla for reports which mention “rpmconfigcheck”. – Nothing worth mentioning.

I’ve checked this Forum for posts mentioning “rpmconfigcheck”: the last post was in the Leap 42.3 Release Candidate thread and before that in threads dated late 2015 and earlier.

There seems to be no documentation which mentions the “rpmconfigcheck” output file ‘/var/log/update-messages’.

What’s also strange is, that the ‘rpm’ package installs ‘/etc/init.d/rpmconfigcheck’ and ‘/usr/sbin/rcrpmconfigcheck’ but, there’s also '/etc/rc.d/rpmconfigcheck" with the same timestamp as the “rpmconfigcheck” file in ‘/etc/init.d/’ and, the file in ‘/etc/rc.d/’ doesn’t seem to be a hard link to the file located in ‘/etc/init.d/’.
[HR][/HR]The tool as such seems to be quite useful. Is there a perceived need to mention it in the Release Notes?

That’s too late now. Leap 42.3 is finished and in a maintenance state as per yesterday. Not a good moment to change the Release Notes.

I see no point in mentioning it in the 42.3 release notes anyway.

That tool is included since a decade at least…

And no, it is not called automatically, it wouldn’t make sense anyway as you wouldn’t see its output.
It is possible to enable the service to be run on boot, it will save the output to /var/log/update-message.
But that may slow down the boot drastically.

I prefer to run it manually by just typing “rcrpmconfigcheck” into a terminal window. It will then also write its output to the terminal window.

That’s not strange at all.

/etc/rc.d/ itself is just a link to /etc/init.d/.

I disagree, and in this case, as an exception, neither meekly nor submissively:

  • Release Notes are “living” documents – during a product’s life-cycle they can, and should, be constantly revised and changed to inform the customer-base of issues found with respect to the delivered product.

On the other hand, mentioning it in this Forum and, remembering to offer it as a solution to the issues being reported where the Leap systems are not behaving as expected due to repository and/or upgrade issues, will possibly also raise the awareness of this tool.

  • Possibly also, a “must” for beta and Release Candidate testing . . .

I highly doubt that it would help with most problems.
Especially due to wrong repositories.

It merely lists .rpmorig, .rpmnew and .rpmsave config files, that rpm creates if the original config files were manually modified.

Possibly also, a “must” for beta and Release Candidate testing . . .

I think you very much “overrate” the “need” to clean up the config files…