system tone


I have opensuse 11.1 with KDE 4.2.1 QT45.

Everything works great and loving it so far but one annoying thing is when i search some text in firefox and if it is not found, the ‘beep’ sound from motherboard came out instead of speaker.

Any other sounds works great as in flash, video and music and stuffs but except that.

Same thing in commandline when I press backspace and nothing to delete.

Is it the driver or something that i can set from settings?

sorry for my english and let me know if you need further explanation.

thanks in advanced.

Check in the mixer, if you have an option PC-speaker (some cards have), mute that, and problem should be gone

wow that was simple! Yes it fixed it! heh thanks :slight_smile:

sorry i tried quite a lot of stuffs and didn’t actually know which one fixed it.

but this command line fixed it.

xset b off