System Messages

Quick question. Where are the system messages? The old /var/log/messages is not there.

Dave W

Use the journalctl command eg;

tail -f /var/log/messages
is now
journalctl -f

cat /var/log/boot
is now
journalctl -b

journalctl --help

The last one shows you the multitudes of options…

By the way, services like fail2ban are unable to run because of this change.
Reason is simple : they rely on the analysis of the /var/log/messages , which doesn’t exist anymore.
Installing fail2ban doesn’t trigger replacement of journal by syslog(-ng)…

Thank you for the information. I now have some reading to do. I have to figure out how to do required file permissions along with log rotation and retention.

Dave W

I’ll just note that you can still install “rsyslog” if you prefer to use traditional log files. I did that with opensuse 13.2, but with Leap I’m trying to get used to “jouralctl”.