Synaptic Touchpad Palm Rejection / Pause Touchpad While Typing


I am using a Fujitsu S6510 laptop with Synaptic Touchpad.
How do I enable touchpad palm rejection feature (automatically disable touchpad while typing) on openSUSE 13.2?
I could not find the option to enable this feature in the KDE Touchpad configuration module.
Multi-touch functions were working fine, so I presume the Synaptic driver was installed properly?

Is there any suggestions?


which do you have installed?

synaptiks - A touchpad configuration and management tool for KDE
gsynaptics - A Graphical Front-End for TouchPad Configuration
kcm-touchpad - KCModule for configuring the touchpad

suggest you try synaptiks, if not installed

Thanks for your reply!
I have tried synaptiks just now, problem solved!