swtpm for Leap 15.4

Why can’t there still be swtpm for openSUSE Leap 15.4?
There’s only for Tumbleweed, and at most 15.3

It seems I forcibly need this if wanting to try a Windows 11 VM without having to apply “bypasses” to the installer.


It’s there in kvm/qemu? What virtualazation are you using?

I see it in the Main repository for Leap 15.4?

Information for package swtpm:------------------------------
Repository     : Main Repository
Name           : swtpm
Version        : 0.5.3-150300.3.3.1

Ok right.

But then, why does it not figure here in 15.4?


That is foobar, it’s also going to be retired sooner rather than later, or it gets fixed…

What does “foobar” mean in this context?

The search feature is broken with the change in Leap 15.4 repositories names and locations, many packages are not found, better to use zypper on the local machine. There is opi (OBS Package Installer), never used it…