Switching to KDE3 on OpenSuSE 13.1

So I installed KDE 3 using the one-click install thing. It installed “partially sucessful” because it couldn’t install something called “SuSE branding”. Nevertheless, it still installed and now I wonder, how do I switch to KDE 3?

Logout, there’s either a session button or a little wrench icon in the login screen where it asks for a username/password which allows you to choose what environment you will login to.

Thanks for the response, I’ll try. Do you think the SUSE branding thing is essential, btw?

And which one exactly?

KDE3 is included in the distribution, so you should not have to use any 1-click install or add any repos. (there is a KDE3 repo that has additional KDE3 stuff though)
Just install the package “kdebase3-session” with YaST or zypper to get an entry for KDE3 on the login screen. The necessary packages for running KDE3 should be pulled in automatically then. You might want to install additional packages though. Search for “kde” in YaST, they have names like “kdebase3”, “kdepim3”, “kde3-amarok” and so on.

If you use kdm4 with the standard openSUSE theme, click on the “wrench” symbol at the bottom of the login screen to choose the session to login to.
The default session can be set in /etc/sysconfig/windowmanager, and you could tell the system to use kdm3 (part of the package “kdebase3-kdm”) as login screen in /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager if you want to.

I suppose you mean “kdebase3-SuSE-branding-openSUSE”?
That’s not really essential.

It actually only contains the “SuSEgreeter” (an information window that is shown on first login) and some (open)SUSE specific links in the konqsidebar AFAICS.

Thanks for the info. I am going to install OpenSuSE on my ThinkPad as well, so this is useful information.