Switched from pulseaudio to pipewire but pavucontrol still works

I’ve ventured back into the black-art of linux audio. I switched to pipewire from pulseaudio and zypper removed many pulseaudio packages upon pipewire install. But pavucontrol remains. Also, surprisingly, it functions.

Why does pavucotrol still work, control volume, etc, with pulseaudio eliminated?
What is pavucontrol adjusting?
Can’t find gui equivalent for pipewire. I see command-line (pw) commands. Is there a gui equivalent of pavucontrol for pipewire?

thanks for any info. tom kosvic

Pipewire includes a pulseaudio server so apps that still need a pulseaudio interface can work as expected. pavucontrol sticks to that server.
Look at package pipewire-pulseaudio for details.

If you don’t want to find an alternative, you’re good to stay with pavucontrol. I made the switch to pipewire almost one year ago, having things like virtual devices etc. and pavucontrol still works great. The trick with pipewire is that it actually does not eliminate pulseaudio or Jack, but offers compaiibility for tools relying on them.

Ok, I understand that pavucontrol will continue to work. There must be pieces of pulseaudio that are incorporated into pipewire. zypper removed pulseaudio but remnants remain in pipewire.

A little confusing.

thanks tom kosvic

There are no “remnants” in pipewire, rather pipewire is conceived with an interface that looks as if it were a pulseaudio server to applications that still need that.
pavucontrol is one of those applications.

:~> LANG=C zypper info  pipewire-pulseaudio
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

Information for package pipewire-pulseaudio:
Repository     : repo-oss
Name           : pipewire-pulseaudio
Version        : 1.0.6-2.1
Arch           : x86_64
Vendor         : openSUSE
Installed Size : 420.3 KiB
Installed      : Yes (automatically)
Status         : up-to-date
Source package : pipewire-1.0.6-2.1.src
Upstream URL   : https://pipewire.org/
Summary        : PipeWire PulseAudio implementation
Description    : 
    This package provides a PulseAudio implementation based on PipeWire

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