swapping nvidia card

Hi. I have a desktop computer running Leap 42.2. It has an nvidia GT610 video card, which uses the proprietary divers (version 375.66), and is the sole provider of video (optimus is disabled in the bios).

I plan to swap out the GT610 with a GTX1050Ti. As I’ve never upgraded an nvidia card before, my question is pretty simple: is this going to be plug and play? Alternatively, will I need to configure X (how?), reinstall the nvidia drivers, or something else? I figure it’s best to ask before I create a problem, and searching provided only guidance on installing nvidia cards, as opposed to upgrading them. Thanks!

Should be OK. You may need to run mkinitrd. If you get blank screen on boot boot using nomodeset and run init to be sure the new hardware is detected. Driver is correct in any case

BTW Desktops do not have Optimus it may have a Intel GPU but that does not in of itself make it Optimus which is special hardware used in laptops only AFAIK.

I did that upgrade recently to a silent 1050ti. Just powered down, changed the card and powered up again. All ok just as expected.


Sorry for the delayed response. Thanks for all the feedback. While it’s sort of my expectation that this is going to go well, I’ve been using nvidia proprietary drivers since opensuse 10.3, and over the years I’ve learned to expect unexpected behavior. :wink: Alas, this is a birthday present, so it will be another week before I actually do the upgrade and find out what the result is.

I got a little fixated on this comment:

I was sure that I had done that. I do also have a laptop that I know that I have disabled optimus on, but I had to get access to the desktop to check the bios. It turns out that I have disabled something called Intel Multi-Display, which may or may not have a bearing on this discussion. Anyway, I’ll report back later when I actually do tho job.

Some laptops allow disable of optimus most don’t Desktops are different there is AFAIK no such thing as Optimus on a desktop machine. Most if not all desktops allow disable of the Intel or AMD built in GPU since there is interference with installed GPU cards. So it is best to disable any GPU that is on the CPU chip and use an installed card. This is not the same as Optimus which is hardware that allows sharing of the video GPU’s. The main purpose is to increase battery charge life. Optimus solutions I’d not expect to work on a Desktop.

Just wanted to circle back and say that I installed the card last night, and it was, in fact, plug and play. Booted without issue, works fine. The only hiccup I had was on the Windows 7 partition (it’s a dual boot system), which came up in VESA mode and I had to download and install the drivers. But that was not a big deal. Thanks to everyone for their feedback!