svn client for kde?

Dear all.
I am looking for an easy to use svn client for linux.

I have been suggested to use kdesvn. The problem with that client is that there are a few things that I do not understand.

To begin with

In kdesvn there is the
Subversion->Ceneral->check out repository
and there is also the File->open,

  1. what is the difference between these two?

  2. Also is there a way every time I launch kdesvn to have the same repository loaded in the same working directory?

  3. When I change something into a file should I do file or whole folder commit? I am not sure what will be the best based on that I only write one comment which in the first case associates with the file only and in the latter associates with the whole folder.

  4. What that blame button in the gui does?

I would like to thank you in advance for your help

Best Regards

  1. Checkout does a checkout svn repository to local directory (like: svn co svn:url local_dir) while open - opens working copy.
  2. Settings → Quick Settings → Load last opened URL on start
  3. When You modified file, only this one is marked in red color and only this one will be commited.
  4. svn blame

I would like to thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

One thing that I did know but was if I could have for the same repository different working folders.
Let’s say that the repository has two folders. Can I have the contents of one folder to be mapped to the one working folder and the second folder to the second?

I guess not but I would like to have your feedback on this.

Is it also possible for svn (please provide me some references).
To create a big repository with many folders and assign reading and writing permissions for different users for different folders?

Best Regards

Probably not. SVN stores repositories in either FSFS or BDB format and these don’t have one-to-one file mapping with the objects. You should consider the repository as an indivisible unit. You should be prepared to create a new repository for each project and in fact each phase of a project, if necessary.

You can have as many working directories as you want for a repository. For example each developer has their own working directory. The repository is where they they commit their work. Obviously conflicts have to be resolved and that what SVN helps you do.

Seems to me you need to grasp the idea of a repository first. Stop thinking of it as a filesystem. It’s more like a code bank.

So just to make it clear I can not have in svn permissions per folder. Or at least If I have a big directory structure in an svn would it be possible every user only to download only the folders that is he intrested it?

If yes how I can do that with kdesvn?

Best REgards

You can have a working directory which starts below the top of the SVN repository, but it’s not usual to do this, unless it’s a branch or something like that. What’s your obsession with one big repository anyway?

My obsession stems from my system administrator that complains about having to run so many svns around.

That is I have thought to have one svn with all the contents inside it (a small folder structure) and have every user download only part of the tree he needs.

Could you please help me do that?


That’s not normal practice with SVN. A repo is generally a single software product. It makes no sense to chuck in all kinds of projects under one repo. You’re trying to force an inappropriate model onto it.