Suzi 11 and Samsung TV monitor LA32A550


I am using the above and cannot get the fonts or icons to applications to be big enough to read. I’ve set the resolution (via YAST) to 1920x1080 @ 60Hz as recommended by Samsung and have set the fonts in desk top (KDE) to a readable size and things like Firefox works well. But menus and icons relating to the system are so small they can barely be read. This is the same in Open Office.

I have little skill with Operating systems at all. But can follow instructions. I use a dual boot system and in XP just changed the screen resolution which changed the size of everything else to a good size. It did not work in Suzi 11.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.


TRY this:

Menu > Personal Settings > Appearance & Themes > Fonts

and choose LARGER fonts where you need them, and click “Apply”

then, on the left click “Icons”, and then on right click “Advanced”
tab…see the spin dial next to “Size”? spin a larger number, and
click apply…

changes should be near instantaneous…

enjoy open source software in general and openSUSE in specific…

one hint Jefie, it is NOT spelled Suzi.