SuSEfirewall2, sudo, NIS, and an Ubuntu box

We have a file server running SuSE and a user with an Ubuntu machine. The Ubuntu machine uses NIS and NFS to access the Ubuntu user’s home directory on the file server.

Everything worked fine until we restarted SuSEfirewall2 on the file server. (We had stopped the firewall temporarily in order to set things up for said Ubuntu user. We took care to tick the “open firewall” boxes during YaST setup.)

Now the Ubuntu user can’t start the screensaver on the Ubuntu machine or use sudo on the Ubuntu machine.

We suspect it’s something to do with authentication and are looking nervously at the PAM documentation.

If anyone has been here before, advice is much appreciated.

The ubuntu machine was using ypbind broadcast.

Editing /etc/yp.conf on the ubuntu machine to define the ypserver as our file server fixed the problem (man yp.conf for the details).