suse updater bug, suse 12,1,kde

Suse updater is saying ‘hjmod: fixed usb hot plugging’. It doesn’t appear in yast or suse updater. It gives some error in suse updater. ‘package not found on your system or in any software repo’.

Indeed, hjmod is nowhere in openSUSE repos, nor YaST can find any file, or package, with such name.
As I’m curios and to some extent fine with Google, it came out that it could be** hdjmod**, which has quite a few hits.

I went back to openSUSE software search and yes, there is one.
It is kernel module that provides Support for Hercules DJ Devices .
What are those I have no idea, and YaST tells it is not installed here.

Before we declare that updater bug and ask for help, it would be nice to check:

  • Is hdjmod KMP installed ? (KMP = Kernel Module Package)
  • What KDE version are you using ?
  • Did you change recently repository list; removed, enabled, disabled repos ?

I lost count though how many times we said here… Don’t use the Updater Applet
Configure it never to check updates
Then make sure you have the switch on the repos you want, but lastly on packman
Then update with: # zypper up

I -assumed- that it was fixed by now. I’ll just do the usual. Use it to notify me of updates. Then use yast-online update to get them. Thanks.