SUSE Studio ImageWriter won't see my ISO :(

Supposedly just doing this would do:

“Type . in the file name box and find your LiveCD image”

But is not :frowning:
Any ideas?


Your running as root user? If you click on the GUI you can browse to the iso image.

Thanks for replying malcolmlewis,
Sorry I wasn’t more accurate. I’m on Windows 7. According to the advice to use ImageWriter for Windows on this page just entering . in the File Name box that pops up when clicking Select would allow you to see the ISO file, but I’ve done it and it doesn’t work, still it only seems to look for RAW files :frowning:


Never mind guys! :slight_smile:
I tried again but this time I prompt the Open pop up window to refresh by opening the drop-down menu on the lower-right corner of the window, after refreshing it showed all the files in my Downloads folder, which is where I had my ISO file :wink:


Standard Windows behavior. enter . then enter to update the list to override the default filter set and show all files.