SUSE ssh problem

Dear members of openSUSE forums,

I am used to Linux but new to SUSE,
and need some help. I try to start working
via ssh at a distant server, and to begin with
I can not even get a gnome-session
(although there is the file gnome.desktop
in /usr/share/xsessions). I say

ssh -X [login, psphrase]

and get the terminal.

Then I say


and get a long negative reply which begins by:

gnome-session-is-accelerated: llvmpipe detected.
gnome-session-binary[22741]: WARNING: Could not get session id for session.
Check that logind is properly installed and pam_systemd is getting used at login.
gnome-keyring-daemon: insufficient process capabilities, unsecure memory might get used

Window manager warning: Display “login0:14.0” already has a window manager;
try using the --replace option to replace the current
window manager.gnome-session-binary[22741]:

my question is - can I get a standard gnome session
if yes how shoudl I proceed?

the version of SUSE is

SUSE Linux enterprise server 12 SP4

thank you very much for any help


You choose for OTHER VERSION. At the very end of your post you tell that you use SUSE Linux enterprise server 12 SP4. But these are the openSUSE forums, not the SLES/SLED forums. Btter go to

While you are of course right, the question is fairly generic.

It is not clear what you are trying to do and whether you understand what 'ssh -X" does.

gnome-session that you try to start on the remote system attempts to talk to X server on your local system. On the local system you are likely logged in on graphical console, so you already have full GNOME session there. So the error is correct. You said you are not new to Linux - did you succeed using the same procedure on some other distribution?

If you want graphical environment on the remote system over ssh, something like Xvnc (usually via vncserver wrapper) sounds better choice.