suse job - expert wanted - cambridge, england

I hope it’s appropriate to post this here!

We’re looking for a SuSE expert to do some contract work here in Cambridge, to take some software we develop on debian and get it to run on SuSE - enterprise edition.

By expert I mean they must know more than how to use the YaST graphical tool! She or he will know how to create RPMs from scratch, understand the /etc/sysconfig/* files, be able to debug dependencies, tweak boot configurations, find unusual packages in community repositories and so on.

We’ve not had much luck so far finding someone with any significant skill levels.

Any experience using debian and redhat a bonus.

Location: Cambridge, England
Term: 3 months renewable contract
Rate: market rate depending on experience

Please send me a private message if you are interested, or know someone!

thanks for your time.

Did you post in your local LUG
Might be an idea?!

We’ve posted the job in a couple of places and gone to some agencies, and had a few responses, but no true suse experts yet.

On 04/07/2011 05:06 PM, speculatrix wrote:
> We’ve not had much luck so far finding someone with any significant
> skill levels.

do you need to have a body on location, or is work from afar good enough?

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we could probably have someone working partly at a distance, but they’d need to be able to come in for meetings etc with both our staff and the 3rd party we’re integrating with; said 3rd party is a German company hence the need for SuSE.

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Considering your requirements I’d probably try posting in the OpenSUSE
Build Service (OBS) and the Programming/Scripting forums where the coders
are. The former forum has people who are building SPEC files to create
RPMs for their own packages in OBS, and the latter has coders. On the
other hand, why not post what software you’re using and, if possible, the
source code and tackle it with help from others in the forum? The
requirements aren’t bad at all and chances are that, assuming dependencies
are met on the programmatic side, this could be a pretty easy port.

Good luck.

On 04/07/2011 09:36 AM, speculatrix wrote:
> We’ve posted the job in a couple of places and gone to some agencies,
> and had a few responses, but no true suse experts yet.
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Thanks for taking the time to feed back.

The software is proprietary, so I don’t think releasing it in the way you suggest would be possible at all.

There’s a bit more to this role, packaging and testing is one thing, but it also needs to be delivered to the customer (who have their own suse installations) with some support and feedback processes. And we’d want the person to be dedicated to this activity for the duration of the project, and while I know the opensuse community is technically excellent, there’s a big difference between a best effort process and someone who’s contracted to work on this and nothing else.



Have you tried the Novell SuSE site - specifically the Partners & Communities link? There might be some local expertise listed there.

Neil Darlow

Have you tried the Novell SuSE site

yes, that’s also on my To Do.

thanks for the reminder!