suse GUI Loading problem from GRUB

I’m very new to Linux world
I have installed openSuSe11 version form Aug-220 PCQuest.
I followed the GUI installation and completed well.
System configuarion :
Intel Pentum (D) Processor,
2 HHDs in my system
(1) SATA 120 GB- Vista+XP)
(2) Seagate 20 GB - openSUSE

After the installation I could see the GUI and can see all other desktop applications with Mouse clicks…
But on RESTARTING and booting from HDD (2) I can’t load the suse GUI.
“Initializung Graphics…” then coming to prompt GRUB>
There very limitted comands when I pres ‘TAB’ key.

How can I get the GUI interface of suse?
How to get the Suse desktop?..During installation I saw installing GNOME…
My understanding is that GRUB is a bootloader/Launch pad for OS to load… How to invoke the Suse OS & Desktop?..

Plse help…Anything I missed ?:frowning:


Hi there,

It appears that grub is missing the correct information which points it to the next stage of the boot process. You have grub installed and are at “grub stage 1” but it is not finding the correct hard drive and files needed to get to stage 2, where you are presented with the grub menu.

I would suggest the easiest solution first of trying to use your install DVD as a rescue DVD. There should be some options available from it to help repair grub.

You can also try to point grub to the right place manually: Boot with GRUB

I believe from your description you may just need to specify this at the grub prompt:

grub>root (hd0,1)

One more option is to use the install CD to boot to your existing install, then repair grub using the Yast control panel.

Try the above solutions and let us know how it goes.


Hi pete,

Thanks for the reply.

Just explain more on my experience.

As I told I have 2 HDDs , one with XP+ and Vista another one is openSUSE installed. While booting I press F10 and get the booting option with



3.HDD 1 (Vist + XP)

4.HDD 2 (OpenSuse)

When I choose the option 4,

it starts as

"GRUB loading Stage 2 …

Initializing gfx code …"

Then stops there for long time,…

Hope these info gaves some more idea to the issue,


Read this
Partitioning/Install Guide - openSUSE Forums

It should help you understand installation and booting with your HD setup.

Look at this to help you repair grub
GRUB Boot Multiboot openSUSE Windows (2000, XP, Vista) using the Grub bootloader.

or just re-install - following carefully the first guide

If you don’t press f10 what happens?