Suse deprecated for citrix

Deprecation announcement of SUSE

don’t know if the red hat version will work for suse

I do not really know anything about this software, but the link mentions deprecated for SLE. What is the relation with openSUSE?

Deprecation announcement of SuSE

Starting from the 2405 version, the support for SuSE is deprecated and will be removed in the future release. For more information, see Deprecation.

if you don’t know nothing about it… just don’t comment


@collinm I’d watch the tone… SUSE SLE is not related to openSUSE, @hcvv’s point is quite valid for these Forums.

If you have a question about SUSE Product support, then suggest you head over to or the Slack SLE channel in Rancher Users, or ask your SUSE Partner…

sure… but for citrix there is only a sle version… so if use opensuse or suse and need to use citrix you need to use that version… so that impact every suse, opensuse… user that use citrix

@collinm Since they only support SLE, like I indicated, ask on the appropriate forum for SLE or direct with the third party - Citrix… Maybe there is a new product coming? If your on Leap then I suspect the client will keep working, but if the server changes, not a lot can been done from an openSUSE perspective.

i only post to advise people…

I only asked you this. Reading and compiling through your answers, my conclusion is that you use the SLE product on a (or more) openSUSE systems, found this, assumed that there might be more that use it on openSUSE and thus wanted to inform them.

Nothing of this is in your first post. And thus it looked to me as complete out of place (and it would not be the first time that people confuse SLES/SLED with openSUSE).

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Looking at what the Citrix Workspace app for Linux version 2405 system requirements, only –

  • RHEL9 x64
  • Ubuntu 2204 x86-64
  • Raspberry Pi OS Bullseye, arm64
  • Debian 11x86-64

– are supported.

And, the support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server will be removed in August 2024.

OK – that’s the way it is with Citrix – possibly customers with SLE Desktop systems have disappeared – Citrix is a commercial system – no customers → the support disappears «is deprecated» …

And, packages for Red Hat, Ubuntu, Debian and Raspberry Pi all use the APT Package Manager.

  • It may well be that, Citrix are simply prepared to only distribute the Linux packages via the APT manager and, are no longer willing to provide RPM packages …

The cheapest solution could be, to move to a Raspberry Pi for the Citrix Client workplaces …

Just wondering why they use “SuSE” where it has been “SUSE” for 21 years now. It was changed to SUSE when Novell bought SuSE. See SUSE Linux - Wikipedia

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i use tumbleweed…


Elsewhere Citrix seem to be currently using “SUSE Linux Enterprise Server” –

  • And, not “SLED” …