Suse 6.1 install?

I am trying to find a copy of Suse 6.1 for an old laptop I have. Can anyone point me to where I could download this, if it is still possible that is?


Why not any number of lightweight distros instead of SUSE? 6.1 will be so old and insecure and you will not be able to run software like recent web browsers because the shared libraries will be so old. Distros like Puppy Linux, AntiX, TinyCore, and many others that I can’t think of off the top of my head are possible, depending on how much RAM you have.

I think I will try AntiX.


Excellent, hope it works out for you. Let us know how you went if you like. It’s always good to have one more machine running Linux in one form or another.

I have AntiX 8.2 loaded on an old sandbox machine. Just for fun, and to burn the occasional CD-RW because I don’t want to use my DVD writer for that.

BTW, I hope your machine is at least a Celeron, because AntiX is built for i686. Unfortunately a K6 is not an i686. It can be worked around by installing a i486 kernel from Debian but that might be tricky to do if you don’t have another machine to install the OS onto the HD. I did it by installing in a VirtualBox VM and then copying the OS over the net to target machine.

Unfortunally, I do not have enough RAM to run this OS> I thought I had 128. My specs are 32MB RAM, 5 GB HDD. ANy ideas of what version of Linux I can get to run on it?


First of all, is there any way at all you can increase the RAM?

If not, perhaps something like TinyLinux, TinyCore or Slitaz (search for them)? And of course you can build as stripped down a Linux as you want with Debian.

Finally, though this is admitting defeat, maybe it’s not such a hot idea to try to revive this computer? Maybe the batteries are dead (unless you replaced them) and you are running off the power adapter, making it not much better than a desktop.

If you are really stuck, I could have a copy of it or 7.1, but rather go for one of the more up to date versions.
You culd try slax (bsed on slackware) as a small distro. Build it from
As long as you don’t want X, most of the minimal installs without X should also work.

here you go

but i recommend puppy linux