Suse 5.0 image

Hi I was wondering if someone here has the suse linux 5.0 images that could share or upload somewhere and share the download link, thanks

SUSE 5.0 ? Versions that far back are way before my time.

I found a link for 5.1 but not for 5.0: (386 version)

also 5.2 :

and 5.3 :

There is a site here (I found this surfing on the web) with the various files for different SUSE-5.0 variants :

But these are not images - and I have no advice as to how to proceed from there.

It was S.u.S.E. Linux 5.0 – released July 1997 …[INDENT=2]<>[/INDENT]
It was distributed with 4 CD-ROM – 3 for installation and 1 with a Live system –

  • Whether or not, anyone has placed the CD-ROM images on the net or, is about to publish their old CD-ROM collection, is a good question …

Hi, I already have the images from 5.1 to 15.2, the only one that I haven’t found is 5.0, I want it because I want to make some videos about those forgotten versions from 5.0, 5.1 and so on, I will give it a try to those files from the ftp server to see if I can manage to install it from those, but an Iso file would have been nice, thanks

Ok I found some iso files, but I have to test them, here is the link

If that doesn’t pan out, let me know.

SUSE sent me a complimentary boxed sets of some of some releases. It turns out 5.0 is still in the cupboard. Everything is there, the CDROM-set, the boot floppy, manual, box, even the registration card - maybe it’s now a collectable :-). I’d have to rig up a CD-Reader, hopefully the CD’s are readable, not sure I can read floppy though.

Wow ! That’s a superb link of old distros. Many thanks for sharing that ! :good:

Hmmm – from Mr. Baader’s home page – going to “Humour” – Linus’s announcement of Linux 1.2 (Linux 95) –

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Let me start by congratulating you on the 1.2 release.

    Anyways, the reason that I am writing you is that I will be at

the Decus meeting in Washington DC, and I would like to arrange a
meeting if you would be interested.


Bill Gates Microsoft Incorporated “Better living through better software”

!! What on earth, in March 1995, was Gates doing at the Washington DECUS (DEC User Society) meeting?

  • Be aware that, Dave Cutler left DEC in October 1988 – at that point in time he was based at the DECwest facility in Bellevue, Washington – just down the road (WA 520) from Redmond …
  • Also, be aware that, Cutler has never been impressed by UNIX® – despite using some of the ideas in the UNIX® Kernel for his RSX-11M and VAX/VMS operating systems …

I tested versions 5.0 and 4.4.1 and they are ok, I wil try to install 4.2 even though it is in german, I have made the videos for 4.4.1 to 6.1 too.