Suse 13.2 on Lenovo Y50 at 3840x2160, KDE Desktop Unreadably Small

Just got home with my new Lenovo Y50.
After verifying that all was well with the hardware (eg wifi and video) in Windows 8.1, I installed Suse 13.2 as a dual boot setup.
To my relief this went very smoothly.

The difficulty is that the display in Suse while running 3840x2160 shows KDE desktop objects unreadably small.
It is as if the sytem thinks there is a 32 inch monitor rather than 15.6 inches.

The “Display Configuration” in System Settings seems to know that it is a laptop screen in use because it says so. This configuration screen permits only resolution changes and adjusting the resolution down to say 1600x1200 causes KDE to show at a useable size but I have black bars of unused space on both sides of the screen.

What do I have to do get KDE to scale up to useable proportions when at 3840x2160?

Processor: Intel Core i7-4700HQ
Memory: 16GB
Display: 15.6" 4K (3840 x 2160) Resolution Screen
Storage Drive: 256GB SSD
Optical Drive: DVDRW
Graphic Card: GTX 860M 2GB

Well, KDE4 doesn’t really support that high resolutions/DPI displays.
Most things are specified as pixel values.
First you should probably change the “Fonts DPI” value in Configure Desktop->Application Appearance->Fonts.

You can change icon sizes in Configure Desktop->Application Appearance->Icons, for the folderview applet you can reach its settings by right-clicking on an empty space.

If that doesn’t help, please clarify in more details, which desktop objects are unreadably small.

Maybe have a look at Plasma 5, that has been redesigned to better support High DPI displays, by scaling the whole desktop according to your screen’s DPI…
Just install the package “plasma5-session” (will uninstall the KDE4 desktop though), and select “Plasma 5” at the login screen.
To get back KDE4, it should be sufficient to install “kdebase4-session” again.

Actually, this part is easy: Imagine you have a fine KDE desktop running on a 32 inch monitor. Then move yourself back about fifteen feet from the monitor. From that position, all desktop objects are instantly too small!

On a notebook monitor objects need to scale up.

Thanks for the reply.

Bad news indeed, since 3840x2160 is the (near) future.

Well, Plasma 5 is the (near) future as well in KDE land. KDE4 will only be maintained until August 2015 I think, and is in bugfix-only mode since a year already (the desktop at least).

And Plasma 5 has had its first release this July already.

Actually, I don’t mind selecting a lower resolution but then I would hope that the entire screen would be used. But for example if I select 1600x1200, KDE scales up in size to the point of readability but there is wasted screen space on both sides.

Well, that’s an X/graphics driver problem then.

What graphics card/driver are you using?

Maybe you have to set a custom modeline.

Can you adjust the monitor settings accordingly maybe?

Thanks for your help. I will try the Plasma 5 and post the results here.

The Plasma 5 experiment was a failure.
I couldn’t even locate the screen on which to make resolution adjustments.
It didn’t help that the desktop objects were nearly microscopic.
So I came back to KDE.
For now I’ll make do, these things usually get figured out in the end.