Suse 11.3 Kickoff Recently Used category

In 11.3 Kickoff cleans Recently Used tab between sessions. Is there a way to make it remember what I did during the previous session? That’s the way it used to work in 11.2 and I’d like to have at least the computer remember what I did (or at least used) even if I don’t:).

The only thing I can think of, is Session Management in Systemsettings. Do you start with a clean session, or is it set to remember the last session? Should be the latter for what you want.

Edit: it’s set this way in my KDE, and works as expected.

Thanks for reply.

Sorry, it is set to remember the last session. This is mostly pristine setup, with some apps added. I haven’t done much configuration. So does your Kickoff remember recently used things from boot boot? Have you done any tweaking on KDE that could make do so?

Nope, haven’t done any tweaking. I rebooted this afternoon, the apps used this morning appear & the docs opened below them. I can see them in ~/.kde4/share/config/kickoffrc:


The list of docs comes from ~/.kde4/share/apps/RecentDocuments

Must say though, I’m on KDE4 4.5.2

Can you check whether ksmserver is running?

ps -ea | grep ksmserver

It says

3418 ? 00:00:00 ksmserver

Does that mean that it was started but not doing anything?

My kickoffrc has only 4 parts, Applications, Favorites, KRunner and KRunner PlasmaRunnerManager, there is no RecentlyUsed at all. But during the session it faithfully keeps track what’s been used.

In RecentDocuments there are those files I’ve used before, but no applications. And I think those documents are retained from session to session. I’ll check.

So, you don’t see any recent docs either in “Recently Used”? What happens if you rename ~/.kde4/share/config/kickoffrc to ~/.kde4/share/config/kickoffrc.old , logout and login? That should create a new fresh instance of kickoffrc

Actually, recently used documents are there. Applications are missing. I’ll try that renaming next.

By the by, I have KDE 4.4.4-1.5.

Nope. The results are same. Documents are there but no apps. Newly created kickoffrc looks like the old one, no RecentlyUsed part at all. I did log off twice so there should have been at least terminal session that was used between logoffs.

But it is relief to hear that this behavior is not what it is suposed to do. At first I thought that it has been changed, KDE4 being fast moving target these days.

I tried adding RecentlyUsed to the kickoffrc but no joy. After logging off and back, kickoffrc had managed to lose it. So something clears it off, probably at logon.

Upgraded to KDE 4.5.2, now everything (or at least this particular thing) works. Thanks.