SuSE 11.3 FreeNX help needed

Open Suse 11.3 x64, freenx-client-0.9-68.1.x86_64 :

one@linux:~> qtnx
Process started
stderr> Warning: Identity file id.key not accessible: No such file or directory.
Pseudo-terminal will not be allocated because stdin is not a terminal.

What is the password it ask for ?

What is qtnx? The FreeNX client?
Why don’t you try the NoMachine client (it works well with the FreeNX server).

FreeNX client .

NoMachine - SuSE 11.3 NoMachine - The server’s evaluation period has expired

olegue wrote:
> FreeNX client .
> NoMachine - ‘SuSE 11.3 NoMachine - The server’s evaluation period has
> expired’ (

That’s an issue on the SERVER side, not on the client. The NX free client
works fine with FreeNX where there isn’t a connection limitation. I have no
idea about “evaluation period”… can only guess that there is some kind of
NX server downloadable with an eval period.

Nomachine to have a free edition of the server that shouldn’t expire:

NoMachine NX - Download: NX Server for linux Evaluation

OK ignore my last post. I didn’t see the title which said “evaluation”. Sorry

Well, what is that key /“Identity file id.key not accessible”/, which FreeNX can’t find. And where I can find it , if it exists ? Obviously it is not in /home/.ssh or /home/.nx folders.