suse 11.1 won't install at all

Hi. I’m new to linux and wanted to try different distros. I had been having a graphics problem with Ubuntu so I decided to try Suse. I burned a CD and tried to install it on my system (P4 Socket 478 3.0Ghz,QDI motherboard,nvidia,512Mb Ram)and nothing happened,just the welcome page and then the one that asks about installing. Here’s the strange part, when I use the CD on my other system (Sempron 2400,Asus a7n8x-x,nvidia,2.5Gb Ram)it runs live CD with no problems. Anybody have a clue? I even went out and bought a magazine with a disk and get the same results.

Why don’t you just grab the DVD install .iso and burn it. Since you’ve decided to check it out, it won’t cost you much. You can easily removed it afterwards. Never used Live CDs. Always installed the system right on. You say, you can run it on that other machine, try running Virtual Box and see what happens. Also check the media of the file, see if there’s any errors. I’ll look some more and come back soon.

As it seems to work for you on another box, the cd sounds like it must be OK. Is your video on-board? 512mb ram with on-board could be problematic.
Nevetheless, try using vesa boot option.
Certainly the DVD is a better choice too. If you can get it OK.

Nobody thought of a drive failure? You should have problems with the DVD as well, Ubuntu CD’s, in fact any linux installer CD/DVD’s. Try installing from an USB disk, if you have one.

In reply to onboard video the answer is no it is not. The system that is giving me problems is using a MX440 card 64MB.
Since I am new to linux I don’t know what a “Virtual Box” or Vesa is or how to do them.
Finally, my Ubuntu disk works on both systems. Also as stated I have a DVD that was included in a magazine I bought that does the same thing. I don’t want to install on the Sempron system…it’s my wife’s and she would kill me if I messed it up. I was just using it to test the discs.

Boot the cd. Press F3 and select vesa, then press enter
see if it boots better