SuSE 11.1 USR5637 modem dialup problem

I had SuSE 11.0 installed on a Thinkpad T43 successfully with a USR model 5637 USB modem for dialup connections using kinternet with NetworkManager enabled. I updated to 11.1 and everything seems to have survived except successful dialup. The dial connection works with my provider, but neither Firefox, Thunderbird nor Konqueror can connect to valid urls. I suspect some DNS problem, but don’t know where to look. I am wondering if NetworkManager support for dialup changed between versions.

I have had a dns issue also, I connect using my mobile phone (nokia e51) as a usb modem.

This site solved my problem

Using dialup with 11.1 if NetworkManager does not handle your device « seife’s assorted rants

I’ve reinstalled openSUSE 11.0 on another partition on my T43 Thinkpad with the attached USRobotics 5637 USB modem. The DNS problem has disappeared.

Cause of the problem with 11.1? Just a guess based on a transcript of a developer meeting a couple of years ago. kinternet has grown to encompass functions that were never envisioned for it when it started. In its last interation, in an attempt at managing ip numbers across simultaneous connections, perhaps modems were the low priority when conflicting issues arose.

There may be some tweek that would fix this in 11.1, but this thread hasn’t identified it.