Suse 11.1 Partitions > #15 not recognised.

Boot option hwprobe=-modules.pata ensured that partitions numbered above 15 are recognised and accessible in Suse 10.3 and 11.0. With Suse 11.1 the option seems to be ignored and only partitions up to #15 are accessible. Has anyone a solution - other than using only that number of partitions?

Hi, I have the same problem: more than 15 partitions on a SATA disk.
I tried the hwprobe=-modules.pata boot parameter without success.

Is there any solution?



“more than 15 partitions on a SATA disk”

8 block	SCSI disk devices (0-15)
		  0 = /dev/sda		First SCSI disk whole disk
		 16 = /dev/sdb		Second SCSI disk whole disk
		 32 = /dev/sdc		Third SCSI disk whole disk
		240 = /dev/sdp		Sixteenth SCSI disk whole disk

		Partitions are handled in the same way as for IDE
		disks (see major number 3) except that the limit on
		partitions is 15.

You can’t as for mixed /IDE it implies it should see it

  3 block	First MFM, RLL and IDE hard disk/CD-ROM interface
		  0 = /dev/hda		Master: whole disk (or CD-ROM)
		 64 = /dev/hdb		Slave: whole disk (or CD-ROM)

		For partitions, add to the whole disk device number:
		  0 = /dev/hd?		Whole disk
		  1 = /dev/hd?1		First partition
		  2 = /dev/hd?2		Second partition
		 63 = /dev/hd?63	63rd partition

		For Linux/i386, partitions 1-4 are the primary
		partitions, and 5 and above are logical partitions.
		Other versions of Linux use partitioning schemes
		appropriate to their respective architectures.


Which sort of fits with this old bug report, also seems to have a hack around before it was fixed in libata (Well at least how I read it, though I suspect if 15>SCSI then it maybe possible to use it)

Just FYI not had the problem all a little above my head tbh.