suse 11.1 no internet sound

I installed suse 11.1 I cannot get sound when I try to listen to sirius on the internet. when I login into sirius and try to listen online I get message I need to install windows media plugin. what and how do I install the missing plugin
I know the sound is working I can log into a radio station and I hear it and when I close my maching down I hear sound
thanks :\

If you have the packman repository enabled perform the following command in a console:
sudo zypper install mplayerplug-in

Assuming you’re using Firefox.

Any suggestions
I tried as suggested sudo zypper install mplayerplug-in
this is the response
root’s password:
Loading repository data…
Reading installed packages…
‘mplayerplug-in’ not found.
Resolving package dependencies…
Nothing to do.

sirius still is looking for missing plugins

I recommend you set up your openSUSE software package manager with 4 repositories (repos) and only 4 repos. Specifically, I recommend OSS, Non-OSS, Update and Packman. Just those 4. No others. None. Once you learn how to sort dependencies on your own, and sort the problems that can happen with multiple conflicting repos, you can consider adding more. Until then, only OSS, Non-Oss, Update and Packman. You can find guidance for doing that here: Repositories - openSUSE-Community Select on the 11.1 link and then add those 4 repos. In particular do NOT add videolan as apps / codecs from that site often conflict with Packman media players.

Once they are added, go to YaST > Software > Software Management, and change the filter to “search” and select and install the applications that you wish to install. Or alternatively, once you have the repos setup, the zypper command that did not work for you before, will work now (if you run it with root permissions).

To learn what sort of applications are available from Packman, look here:
PackMan :: Startseite
Note the search tab in Packman works great:
PackMan :: Suche nach Paketen

after I posted my last note I figured out how to add repositories and I added the packman. I then added all the referenced mplayer. I can now listen to sirius using the firefox addon. I still get an error looking for additional pluging using the launcher on the sirius web page. I will post if it conitinues to be a problem.