Suse 10.0 or 11.1

Hi all,

As I’m pretty new to Linux I have a few questions I would like to ask you guy’s and girls. First one is what do you people as a whole like better, KDE or GNOME? Second is, should I update from Suse 10.0 to 11.1?

I just installed ver.10 32bit like two day’s ago. Got everything updated and video drivers installed. It seems to be running fine up to this point. Haven’t run against any problems this far. Except I have no idea how to install a game or a program. LOL Im such a nOOb.:stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I was looking and reading a bit about ver 11.1 and it seems to be better than ver 10. I noticed there are problems, not really sure if it’s because of user or OS that is the biggest problem. I was looking at the KDE interface and it looks pretty cool. I’ve only used GNOME thus far so I don’t know anything else.

I am however a quick study so I’m confident that I will pick up on this fairly quick. So last night I downloaded the 11.1 ISO and put it to disk.“DVD” but before I install it I thought it best to get with you fine people and get your thoughts on it.

Oh one last thing…This box will be used as a NIDS on my network at home. Don’t know if that makes any difference to ya but I thought I should mention it just in case.

Any input you have is greatly appreciated and thanks.


I think 11.1 is better than 10. yes maybe 11.1 have some problems, but tehey aren’t big problems. If you explore, you can fix them. Such as codecs vs… I think OpenSuse is a wonder :slight_smile: I set it up today :slight_smile:

Ok next question is should I just use the upgrade option or do a clean install. I mean since I just installed ver 10 and have it going good with the right drivers and havent installed anything else I would think it would be all good to go, but what do I know.

I know that in a Windows environment I always do a clean install whenever possible, even if it means Ghosting the HDD so I can pull any data the customer needs back. Is this the same deal with Linux?

As v10 is no longer supported it’s a good idea to upgrade.
You can do a clean install bu choose not to format /home in the advanced partition option. However always a good idea to backup your data.
I actually did a clean install (wiped everything) with 11 as i wanted to get rid of a lot of old unused settings in /home.
After backing up my data in /home then just copied back my data and files
I did however keep (backup) 4 hidden files in /home
.wine for my windows apps
.thunderbird for mail
.mozilla for firefox
and .filezilla for ftp settings
You can check the hidden files to see what is there and what you might want to keep
Good luck


I found when installing opensuse 11.1 that the default behaviour had changed and now by default your home partition is kept and mounted rather than selected for formatting. However, you certainly must remember to check this before performing the installation.

On the point about backing up your data, it is very sensible to make a regular backup of your user data whether or not you intend to upgrade your operating system as who knows what can happen to a hard drive, or what you can accidentally delete. Personally, I burn a CD-R of my documents, key configuration files and photos every month.

I would definitely install version 11.1. In my experience is much more responsive than 10. I’d also opt for the clean install, especially where you don’t have much to lose, and I’m a KDE fan. As for KDE and gnome though you should try both and see what you prefer.

Well I did do an upgrade but I’m afraid I didnt do it properly…meaning I probably didn’t select the right options. As this is new to me and I have no data to save or want to keep. I think maybe it might be best to just zero the HDD and perform a clean install. What do you think. I would also take any suggestions on any options I should select during the install.

I should mention That I’m running a windows network and I want to be able to not only share files and folders, but I want to also remote desktop into the the Suse box from my main XP-Pro rig too.

I will say this. I should of gotten into Linux years ago and I’m really sorry I didn’t now. Really love this OS and I’m having way to much fun.

Don’t suppose you guys use any sort of chat program do ya? I have so many questions a lot of which are off the wall and a bit arbitrary.