Support for dazuko/redirfs in 11.1

The conflict of Apparmor and dazuko was not resolved in v11.0 and was addressed in “Bug 401920”…

Has the support for dazuko 2.3.6 and redirfs been incorporated as was mentioned in comment #28 of this bug report? or was another solution found?

For those of us in a multiplatform lan environment, this is a critical issue.

I can confirm that with apparmor installed that in 11.1, one can in addition install dazuko and the dazuko kernel module with out getting an error (as in earlier versions). (prior, I had to remove apparmor in order to install dazuko).

Just did it;)

PS: redirfs is not in any of the repos that I have up; maybe “webpin”

Thanks for your response, the redirfs reference was i believe the alternative method for getting dazuko to load since the LSM interface was used by Apparmor and closed to further modules (please forgive if i’m stating this incorrectly, i am only speaking from unconfirmed research). This alternative method for v11 is discussed in the bug report mentioned previously and is on the build service. Ms. Ann Miller appears to be a very knowledgable asset in my opinion.

I’m am glad to hear that it has caused no problems for you, and curious if you are using an antivirus scan-on-open/close feature using clamav or antivir (and version). Any comment?

as I can see the redirfs module is shipped within the dazuko-kmp package for the factory(11.1-rc1) distribution. You can easily check out if the redirfs module is used by lsmod.

This AM, I set up Klamav to autoscan all my email inboxes in realtime; it asked for my root password & auto loaded the dazuko module; worked with no problems (I already had it setup with Kmail (not autoscan).

Later, when I reboot, I’ll send myself the Eclair (spelling?) test virus (may have to find it) and test the setup.



there you go:)

Good info; thanks;)

I found that klamav running in autoscan realtime will not allow a shutdown. One has to open Klamav & disable autoscan (& then re-enable it when back up).

Alas neither of the ISPs used for email will allow the EICAR test file to pass(so I will have to download it and test that way):

-------- *Virus Warning Message -------- is removed from here because it contains a virus (EICAR test file).

-------- *Virus Warning Message -------- is removed from here because it contains a virus (EICAR test file).

So your isp refuses to cooperate with your test case… imagine that… :).

Last inquiry and i’ll leave this for now unless updating goes poorly… it was mentioned in the bugreport that clamav .94.X had a bug in clamuko and that the remedy was to go back to .93 (which i believe had some security holes, hence the rapid new releases). This was during the process of working on the problem and could have been unimportant after the situation was understood clearly. I’d assume you are using the most recent clamav .94.2 ? possible connection between it and the failure to shutdown thru klamav?

in any event, moving to 11.1 eliminates the major hurtle of compatibilty, even if some other work is required.

Thanks for your feedback, snakedriver, much appreciated here.