In the opensuse 11.0 repos I only see a KDE4 superkaramba, and not one for KDE3 (which I am using).

Can I use the opensuse 10.3 repos for this?

when you do a search for superkaramba put a tick in discription
and you should come up with 2 results the one you want is kdeutils3-extra
that will install superkaramba for kde3.5.9

Superkaramba for KDE3 Version: 0.39-12.3 should be on the DVD… if not… I downloaded it through the one click install:

$ rpm -qf /opt/kde3/bin/superkaramba

I have noticed that you you position your widget and subsequently close it, the next time you start your PC and open Superkaramba, you click the widgets they will restore to their original position.