Super long error message

Hi all, I posted this in the KDE forums, but got no reply.

When I tried (on purpose) to copy a file and paste the file in the same directory in a webdav folder (, expecting a copy of the file to be made with a change in the name, I instead received back an error message on the lines of it couldn’t do it. That’s fine, however, the message was so convoluted and long it actually spanned the entire width of my screen and off to the side as well. I had to grab the window and move it left and right to read the whole message. I believe there were no line breaks in the message text, so essentially one long line, even though it spanned several lines. So perhaps the error box itself reached it’s built in maximum width.

Whilst I don’t think it is a bug in the strictest of sense, it really does needs to be improved; the error message being reported back and definitely the error message box reduced to a manageable size need looking at. What can be done? who can it be reported to?

I am running 42.2.

When you copy/paste file names (with the meaning of doinf something to the files they represent), that is mostly done in running applications like file managers. Or am I wrong here? Do you mind telling us what you use (and thus what program gave you the message)?

Ah, sorry. I was using Dolphin to copy and paste the file. I have the Box account set up as a webdav folder so I can access it via Dolphin.