Sudo error "cannot connect to x server"

Im getting frustated… When I type sudo …

Then always get error “cannot connect to x server”
I already 3 times reinstal open suse 11…
But always have the same results… Please Help me…:(:’(


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Use kdesu instead if running under KDE.


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> Use kdesu instead if running under KDE.

couldn’t we get some kde or suse development help on this…it SEEMS
that lots of folks who come here from other places (like ubuntu) get
into this trap…which ought to be solvable somehow…

Try xdg-su, for example

xdg-su -u root -c gconf-editor

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Yosuf it is solvable

I think you have to add the user to sudoers to be able to use sudo,
either in Yast’s security page or by directly editing /etc/sudoers

I have a user added to etc/sudoers like this:

username ALL = (root) NOPASSWD: ALL

Works for me

If you’re using Suse 11 though you will need to check for this entry in
a file called kdesurc which will be in two locations

The entry:


The two locations where you will find your kdesurc files:



I had to do this in both files because I’m still on kde 3.5 which using
a mixture of kde3 and kde4 packages, I’m not sure if it will still apply
if you’re using kde4, try it and see


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yes, I understand how to ‘solve it’ and have no problem with it
myself…you missed my point:

maybe I do not understand, but i think some folks come to openSUSE
with previous experience in Unix, AIX, BSD, Ubuntu and OTHERS…and,
they have experience with how sudo works…

but, they try here what worked elsewhere…and, get a
non-descriptive, UNhelpful error message: “cannot connect to x server”

which MIGHT be changed to (say):
“in openSUSE, use ‘kdesu’ instead of ‘sudo’”

or maybe the binary /usr/bin/sudo could be rewritten to
automatically test to see if the outcome would fail as above, and
redirect the command to kdesu (or the gnome equal, if that was what
was needed)…

understand? openSUSE makers decided to NOT allow sudo to work the way
it does other places–but, didn’t make it EASY for the new to SUSE user.

not even one line in “man sudo” or “info sudo”