Stressapptest (Package): Process Error: Sat::Initialize() failed

I wanted to report this in a very long time.

Package: stressapptest

The “stressapptest” application has proven to be an excellent test of DRAM integrity under high load. I had systems on which memtest86 (Passmark) passed and stressapptest detected a faulty DRAM (or issues because of wrong DRAM timing, e. g. overclocking).

It works perfectly fine on a Fedora live system. But on openSUSE Tumbleweed it reports an error.

It might be a wrong build parameter (debug?).

stressapptest error message:

❯ stressapptest
2024/07/04-14:42:44(CEST) Log: Commandline - stressapptest
2024/07/04-14:42:44(CEST) Stats: SAT revision 1.0.11_autoconf, 64 bit binary
2024/07/04-14:42:44(CEST) Log: reproducible @ reproducible on Sun Nov 26 17:19:40 UTC 2023 from open source release
2024/07/04-14:42:44(CEST) Log: 1 nodes, 16 cpus.
2024/07/04-14:42:44(CEST) Process Error: Running DEBUG version of SAT, with significantly reduced coverage.
2024/07/04-14:42:44(CEST) Log: Command line option '-A' bypasses this error.
2024/07/04-14:42:44(CEST) Process Error: Sat::Initialize() failed
2024/07/04-14:42:44(CEST) Status: FAIL - test encountered procedural errors
2024/07/04-14:42:44(CEST) Process Error: Fatal issue encountered. See above logs for details.

Is this the right way to report this error? (I am new to the forum).